Monday, December 12, 2011

Thinking about "Content" ...

Content: What we teach in classrooms!
The information explosion is putting increased pressure on the classroom teacher, and what "content" is included in the time they have the students.

Where is the time going to come from to memorize all this new information, this new history, etc.?

Classroom Implications?
- The amount of information known about the world doubles
   every ... What is the latest number you've heard? 18 months, 15
   months, 12 months, less?
-  Everyone has access to information - anytime, anywhere!
-  The 4C's, entrepreneurship, adaptablity over-arch all content!
-  NCLB tests are info-trivia contests.
-  Change rates are increasing exponentially. 
-  All learners are connected.

Intriguing Thoughts - From Twitter
1.  Teachers: Don't ask the question if you can Google the answer.
     (Multiple sources on Twitter)

2.  Teachers: Don't ask the question if you (the teacher) know the
     answer.  (@irascol)

Sacred Cows
Capitals of the States
Bones of the body
US Civil War

Are we ready to have students graduate K-12 education never having memorized the capitals of the states or the bones of the body?
If we maintain our fidelity to the 4C's, entrpreneurship, adaptability, etc., does the content matter?  Can it vary from student-to-student? Can it be passion-based?

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