Saturday, January 26, 2013

Needing Eggs and VAM

First this:

Then this:

Which got me to thinking of the end of an old movie, Annie Hall.  As I remember it, at the end Woody Allen is standing alone on camers, and tells this story:
A guy walks into a Doctor's office and says: "Doctor! Doctor! You've got to help me!  My wife thinks she's a chicken!
The Doctor replies, "You'd better get her some help.
The guy states, "I would but I need the eggs!"

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Damaging Assumptions

Just a few educational assumptions that damage kids today:

* Good test scores = good schools.

* Adults are in control of what and when kids learn.

* Data is numbers.

* All of human behavior can be computerized.

* There are only 4 possible options for a student to respond to a standardized question.

* And, there is one best response for all students, and that is the right answer.

* Standardized test scores are the best predictors of future academic performance and future success.

* You must give kids a standardized test in order to evaluate the teacher.

* To improve student academic performance, you need to test them more.

Got any to add?