Saturday, February 9, 2013

Danielson's Effective Educator Framework Testing - Done!

Effective Educator Training - After Test #2
Wisconsin has adopted the Charlotte Danielson Framework for evaluating teachers.  It is being piloted in 12-13 and 13-14, to be implemented state-wide in 2014-15.  As part of my work at the University, I was able to undergo the training these last couple of months.  I just passed the 2-part exam, which took me over 7 hours total.  All training and the examination are done online.

OK, let's do a Keep-Start-Stop.

Level 4 in the Danielson represents a transformation in the classroom, if done in spirit and letter.  Students have voice, students own learning, and students create a community.  If schools - teachers and principals - partner, looking at the classroom developmentally along the continuum of student community voice, great things will result.  For kids.

The numbers.  Within a domain, on the many videotapes of classroom teaching, the observer sees critical attributes (Danielson terms) in multiple levels during the same observation.  So, a teacher is not a number, but a practitioner developing critical attributes on a continuum toward a transformed classroom.  Frankly, I worry the number will impede the developmental potential of the Framework.

Implement the Danielson model as a developmental continuum, transforming:
- the teacher-student relationship.
- student-learning relationship.
- the approach to content.
- classroom as community of learners.

Oh, by the way, I passed.
And, this blog has been deemed a high 2.

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  1. I've been asked: specifically, how do we move to a transformed classroom.
    In a transformed classroom, on Danielson's Framework:
    - students have input in developing rubrics/evaluation criteria.
    - students learn from each other, throughout the school day.
    - student input results in changes to every aspect of what happens in the classroom.
    Feel free to add some more.