Saturday, February 2, 2013

Effective Educator Training - I'd give this blog a 2.

Effective Educator Training - Round 1

Happy part:  I passed the 1st half, a 3-hour examination.  I am doing this as part of my position in the Master's in Educational Leadership Department at the University. 

Our students will be required to do this as Principals in the State of Wisconsin, so they need this training.

Sad part:  I was required, as a part of the test, to watch videos and assign a number to the teacher's performance for each one of Charlotte Danielson's domain. What is it with us and these numbers??!!!
I was torn.  Teachers are not a 4, 3, 2, or 1 in each domain.  It is just not true.  Teachers teach kids in a complex, vibrant, dynamic of individuals.  Reducing their teaching/behaviors/trials to a number is simplistic, non-informative, and insulting.

But, next Saturday, round 2.  Like stacking MAP testing and VAM on top of WKCE.  Where will this proliferation of the numeralization of human behavior take us?

By the way, I give this blog a 2.

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